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There's also the "Groo Festival" on ebay that's currently  at $47 dollars 
with 3 days to go.  (and I thought Groo Garden was  scarce!)
When the Dark Horse folks do finally re-release the  next Groo (A through G) 
Trades,  I  hope they include those once-planned Groo Statue  Bookends with 

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[trying to steer this thread back on-topic]
On  the contrary to the comments I've read, this isn't so much a market price 
 "blip" as a selling practice.  You'll see low-circulation books listed at  
ridiculously high prices - check Amazon, ABE, etc. It's classic  supply & 
demand - these guys have the storage and the book [at least when  first listed - 
I've actually had a Amazon sale completed on a similarly  inflated-price book I 
bought for a friend's birthday only to learn the book  was 'already sold'] and 
they just wait for someone who wants it bad  enough to pay the price.  It's 
funny to watch the price-war move down by  dimes when other sellers list the 
same book.... some small satisfaction  for us frustrated buyers.
Adding to Gary's original comments about Garden being  harder to find 
generally, I'd just counsel patience and vigilance if  you aren't that desperate a 



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The blip is still  going on. If you already have a complete set of the TPB’s 
consider yourself  lucky because you won’t be able to get them now as cheaply 
as you did. It  looks like $30 has been the floor for these hot items. What’s 
the reason for  the sudden spike in price? Anybody have any ideas? Could it be 
the fact that  re-prints are due out soon? 

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