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"something like a werewolf with wings"
Sounds like Man-Bat, a charcetr created in the 70s who is a man who mutated into a Bat or some such. Clever gimmick character.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-Bat> Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 07:59:47 -0400> To: groop at groo.com> From: txa13 at psu.edu> Subject: Re: [Groop] Comics Buyers Guide Fan Awards> > Hmm, not sure I'd want to read about a guy dressed exactly like a > bat... the image I have in my mind is something like a werewolf with > wings. Although I *do* know a few individuals in real life who might > be able to pull it off without getting a ticket for streaking...> > -Tom> > At 05:33 AM 8/1/2008, chris.emmett at hsbcib.com wrote:> >How many bats wear spandex?> >Womble> >P.S. that's not a trick question :-)> >> >> >> >> >> >> >Batman is the guy dressed like a bat who is <snip> anyone.> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >************************************************************> >HSBC Bank plc may be solicited in the course of its placement efforts for a> >new issue, by investment clients of the firm for whom the Bank as a firm> >already provides other services. It may equally decide to allocate to its> >own proprietary book or with an associate of HSBC Group. This represents a> >potential conflict of interest. HSBC Bank plc has internal arrangements> >designed to ensure that the firm would give unbiased and full advice to the> >corporate finance client about the valuation and pricing of the offering as> >well as internal systems, controls and procedures to identify and manage> >conflicts of interest.> >> >HSBC Bank plc> >Registered Office: 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ, United Kingdom> >Registered in England - Number 14259> >Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.> >************************************************************> >> >> >-----------------------------------------> >SAVE PAPER - THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT!> >> >This transmission has been issued by a member of the HSBC Group> >"HSBC" for the information of the addressee only and should not be> >reproduced and/or distributed to any other person. Each page> >attached hereto must be read in conjunction with any disclaimer> >which forms part of it. Unless otherwise stated, this transmission> >is neither an offer nor the solicitation of an offer to sell or> >purchase any investment. Its contents are based on information> >obtained from sources believed to be reliable but HSBC makes no> >representation and accepts no responsibility or liability as to its> >completeness or accuracy.> >_______________________________________________> >Groop mailing list> >Groop at groo.com> >http://mailman.newdream.net/mailman/listinfo.cgi/groop> > _______________________________________________> Groop mailing list> Groop at groo.com> http://mailman.newdream.net/mailman/listinfo.cgi/groop
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