[Groop] DH Miniatures - Stuff Exchange

Porter publicporter at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 12:58:39 PDT 2008

It's been a long time since I've posted anything to the Groop, so much  
so that I forgot my email & password settings and had to create a  
whole new account.

Well before I begin, I apologize for turning my first post in ages  
into a solicitation, but with that said...

I just lost an eBay auction for the Dark Horse Miniature #705 (Dragon)  
and am feeling very irritated and unhappy and so was inspired to write  
again.  I've been trying to get that damned thing for ages - I suppose  
losing the auction serves me right for not doing the $10 buy-it-now 3  
years ago.  I've got a few bids going on some of the other collections  
right now to try to even up my green card/red card count so don't you  
guys go sniping me (but if you do,

But it does make me want to see if there is someone in the Groop here  
who wants to do either a trade or a plain old cash for stash.  I have  
1 extra 701 (Groo, Chakaal, Sage, Minstrel) and 2 extra 702 (Groo,  
Taranto, Witch, Arcadio), all of which I would happily trade for 705.   
Or I have doubles or triples (or more) of, well, <almost> everything  
(the dangers of shopping online from work without syncing with my Groo  
database at home first!): full runs, one-offs, TPBs, cameos, etc. -  
sorry, I have very little in the way of cards to offer (my next goal).

Hey, speaking of this, whatever happened to the Great Groo Trading  
Card Exchange?  Was it ever actually disbanded or, like Portishead or  
Mazzy Starr, did it just slip into default hiatus 'til people decide  
get the lead out? Or am I an idiot for not knowing that it is still  
alive and well and coming to a city near you?

Stay Groovy,
  ~ Porter.

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