[Groop] Did you ever have one of those moment?

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Well John, I'd guess that Stan won't hold it against you, he is a very friendly person. I'm sure no creator wants calls at home and all of that, BUT he was probably over the annoyance as soon as he hung up, if he was even annoyed. I'm sure sincere apologies like that are easily accepted!

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Last night, I did.

I’m on vacation in California. I am visiting my sister in Baldwin Park. Now,
you have to know my sister. She is, to say the very least, an extremely out
going person. We went to Universal Studios and she initiated conversation with a
least 5 different strangers. Some who didn’t even speak English. 

Well, Baldwin Park is near Pasadena and Pasadena is the home of our very
favorite letterer. Through a different set of circumstances, I happen to come
across his contact information. 

Last night, in all innocence, we crossed the line. 
She called Stan Sakai. 

They had what appeared to be a very nice conversation. She explained that I was
in the area, and asked if he was appearing locally. They talked about a local
art gallery that has a Japanese influence to it, and some local Japanese
artists. (My sister is very active in the local arts (re: poetry) scene.)  She
invited him to lunch. He did decline. He probably thought I was a 12 year-old
fanboy, not a 45 year-old fanboy. It was a long shot. 

Despite its true innocence, it was wrong. I never should have allowed her to
invade his privacy like that. I knew I was I coming out. I knew he lived in the
area. If I wanted to attempt to set up a meeting, I should have gone through
proper channels before hand.

If anybody on this list knows Stan personally, please pass on my apologies. 

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