[Groop] Next Sergio & Mark Project?

Mark Evanier evanier at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 08:41:37 PDT 2008

Martin Kranwetvogel wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Just a quick question: Does anybody know anything about the upcoming Sergio & Mark publications that have been announced? Which were
> - The Groo Parade
> - Groo Alphabet book
> - Groo/Conan crossover (6-part series)
> - Groo/Tarzan crossover 
> - Groo Treasury (reprinting long-unseen material from the Pacific Comics and Eclipse Comics runs of the character, including "Groo For Sale," a very early appearance that has never before been seen in color)
> - Groo movie
> - Mighty Magnor trade paperback
> - New Mighty Magnor series
> Any news? Anything?

ME: Here's the deal...

We're not doing the Alphabet Book.  We took the idea and used it in that 
special last year.

The Groo/Conan book (a FOUR-part series) is all plotted out and approved 
and such and it's just waiting for Sergio and co-artist Tom Yeates to 
work it into their schedules.  Once it's done, we'll probably start on 
Groo/Tarzan.  My guess is you'll see Groo/Conan around next April or May.

The Groo Parade, The Groo Treasury and the Magnor reprint are all going 
forward.  The obstacle at the moment is just finding the film.  For 
instance, the negatives and color separation for Magnor are over in 
Spain at the company that did the reprint in that country.  We have to 
get that stuff back and once we do, we should be able to schedule the 
reprint.  The Groo film all got shoved into boxes when Sergio moved his 
studio and he hasn't had time to locate it yet.  This is the only 
obstacle at the moment to the reprint projects.

Once we get the Magnor reprint out, we'll be discussing a new Magnor 
series.  Unless the reprint gets lousy sales, I assume there will be a 
new Magnor series.

The movie deal is rolling along.  We have a script.  We have a company 
that wants to animate that script.  It's in the hands of the lawyers who 
negotiate deals at the moment.  Don't get your hearts set on anything 
until I tell you that they've actually started animating.

Anything else?  (Oh, yeah...I think Dark Horse is about to announce a 
Space Circus reprint collection.)

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