[Groop] Grave robbers

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Without pondering it too much, I think the appropriate thing to do would
have been to contact Sergio and say: 
"We have all of these letters and things with your artwork that Jerry
kept.  We don't want them, do you?  If not, would you mind if we sold
them on ebay?"  
Then based on Sergio's response, they proceed accordingly.  That is the
way it should have been handled, in my ever so humble opinion.  
Gary G.  


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I have to be honest, there is no one at all in my family, not even my
nieces and nephews, who would appreciate my Groo Stuff or other comic
I would hope they would sell them, and in fact offer them first to the
Groop if we are still around at that time, when the time comes for me to
kick the bucket.
So, I have no problem with the buying or selling of personal
possessions, whether at an estate sale or otherwise. I think we
sometimes bristle because of the stories offolks who have taken
advantage of Sergio's kindness for profit. This is something else. 
Ya know, it might actually be a good idea for me to put in my will that
my Sergio Originals should first be offered for sale to The Groop! Thre
re pieces i should will to individuals outright, as well! 

-Larry "mrgrooism" Steller, Master Mendicant 

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