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Chad Riden chadmriden at mac.com
Thu Dec 11 07:59:57 PST 2008

> 1. I'm wondering what some of your actual opinions are regarding the  
> quality of the Groo stories since the guys moved to Dark Horse.  
> Compared in particular to the Epic run. Am I the only one who sees  
> them as heavy handed and not as fun as "classic" Groo?

First, the quality is clearly there.. as any fool can plainly see. I  
think the newer ones ARE a little more preachy than the Epic's.. but  
you have to keep in mind that Mark and Sergio are really, really old  
now. I mean VERY old. Like "Pappy, tell me a story about the  good old  
days" old.. and that's just how old men are.

> 2. How do you rate the 4-part stories against the old stand alone  
> issues? What are the plusses/minuses of either format?

I hate waiting a year or so to read a new one. I really miss reading a  
new one-shot stand alone story every month.


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