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For my part, I was just trying to stir up trouble and pad my posts....

And my evil plan is working beautifully  ;)

And although I watch the show, that is becoming more reluctant ... the Groo
sketches are in the latter half of the book, that were separated from the
first part - that's the reason for the supposed escape attempt - to lead the
clearly slow-of-mind 'heroes' away from the good stuff hidden in the
dispatchers office.

[Oops, did I type that out loud?]

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So John, what IS your point then? Are you suggesting it was me playing  
the role of the messenger in Heroes even though I left New York City  
almost two years ago. and that is where the messenger supposedly was  
located? Of course they probably filmed those scenes somewhere else. I  
suppose I could have moved from NYC in time to be on their set,  
possibly in LA or whatever.

And yes, I admit I like Chrome messenger bags, but I would never use a  
Chrome bag of that color. I always go with black because it shows the  
least amount of dirt, which is unavoidable when dealing with car-smog  
and chain grease. Also, i have a long-tail cargo bike, so I never have  
to carry a bag on my back anymore, unlike the courier in Monday's  
episode of Heroes.

Clearly there was no Groo drawings in the sketch book because of two  
reasons... Sergio was not the prophetic artist depicted in Heroes, and  
if Groo had been in the sketchbook the world of Heroes would obviously  
come to an end, yet after finding the book they actually were able to  
vanquish the evil father.

Are you asking if it was someone we know because you KNOW it was  
someone we know? I know I do not know who the messenger was.
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