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What i think is that... in the one shot or 2 issues shot stories, the 
story is more on the surface and makes the silliness to be more visible 
than the moral/political side... but with the 4 issues story, .. it has 
to be more deeper or  more detail so that it fits the 4 issues... thus, 
making silliness and politically motives  to be balance or seems to be 
more politically inclined...  well .. my guess is.. to produce a more 
longer story for 4 issue is more stressing than the 1 story per 
issue...  maybe a middle road can be a solution.. 2 issue story and 
comes out with the 4 issue format... (2 stories of 2 issues each)

Mo orst wrote:

> Thank-you all for your responses thus far. I think it's an important 
> discussion, and all the posts have been thoughtful.
> Gary's point about the recent series being more topical is a point 
> that interests me. I don't feel that any of the old general moral 
> issues are any less heavy or pertinent than what we've been offered in 
> recent years. Especially when you consider them tackling religious 
> dogma with Wager of the Gods, or literacy in #100. The difference is 
> in the execution. Is the silliness compromised by heavy-handed 
> storytelling? Undeniably, imo.
> I don't think it's really a question of merely the silliness being 
> compromised. It's the character and his story and his relationships 
> that are at stake here, not just the gags we love. When Mark used to 
> quip that Groo always uses the same jokes, it was still funny because 
> the storytelling served the continuance of the character. But what we 
> find in the recent stuff is Groo relegated to a plot device instead of 
> a character... so the continuing gags end up falling flat. He's like a 
> force of nature that, for the sake of the political agenda, is losing 
> portions of his personality and (consequently) his humanity.
> Also at stake, as indicated by No Way's post, is a portion of the 
> loyal readership. So it's not as if this turn in the story telling 
> isn't going to have a negative impact overall. Not all Groo fans are 
> the die-hard collectors who will keep buying no matter where the comic 
> goes. Not everyone loves miniature Groo appearances in other comics 
> and publications as much as Groo the character. Don't get me wrong, 
> that stuff is fun and enjoyable. But it was Groo emerging from the sea 
> (despite himself) to a surprised and distraught Rufferto and going 
> silently into a burning library for his swords that kept me onboard 
> all these years. It wasn't Wonder Woman #50.
> -Al
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