[Groop] WonderCon time!

John T comics230 at cox.net
Fri Feb 15 17:54:59 PST 2008

Is anybody else going? I'm visiting a friend out there. I will be going on
Friday, but in SF all weekend. (May go other days, depending how things are

I hate it when I hit reply and it doesn't go to the Groop.

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*I'm going to the con, but I have to work on Friday so I'll miss the
*panel. I'll be there early Sunday in case anyone is interested in
*meeting up.
*Gary, if you happen to read this before then, I can pick up my hat from
*Sergio there.
*Yodazone at aol.com wrote:
*> Anyone heading to next week's* WonderCon* for the Sergio/Mark panels???
*> Any chance of someone taking a laptop with a camera for
*> "Live Panel" Internet feed for worldwide Groopers to get the first hand
*> "Groo Crew" news???
*> **
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