[Groop] Display Boxes (the Answer is...)

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Thu Feb 21 21:17:48 PST 2008

            Even though you already specifically said you knew I did not
mean anything by "to buy the display boxes", just to doubly clarify. I
absolutely had no intent of inferring you were profiteering from them.
It was quite clear to me in reading your e-mail that you simply ask any
potential "lottery/raffle" winner to make a contribution to the CBLDF.
My choice of the word "buy" was obviously a lack of good judgment on my
part and did not communicate what I was actually trying to convey. I
certainly did not want to offend you or suggest you were conducting some
kind of unfair business practice through the Groop. I apologize for any
            On another hand. maybe you should have suggested
raffle/lottery players to make a set contribution to the CBLDF (perhaps
have them forward the thank you e-mail from CDLDF as proof of their
donation), which would act as a purchase of a "lottery ticket". This
might get more people to donate money to a good cause. :-)
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