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Hi Magnus!

I echo Larry & Glorko in being very glad to know you are still out there! 

(And I am sorry to everyone for all the messages about ants and stuff and my inability to send a message to individuals without accidently sending them to the Groop) 

Let's all go to Sweden!  

Gary G. 

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I've been on this list for ages but been very silent the last couple of years. I just thought I'd write and ask that the Groo-wiki should be deleted since it's just full of spam anyway (typically Grooish to sink one of the Internet technologies as well though).

I'd also like to say that I reviewed my own old Internet sins and found the Groo page I'm hosting in a bad state as well and have just changed the layout and basic code (but the content is the same). You can find it at http://www.fireflake.com/groo

Also I I'd like to say hi to all the old people I still recognize on this list (and some who might recognize me?).

In totally unrelated news I recently made a blog and listed the things I want to do in life and one of the items on my list is to meet Sergio Aragonés since I've been enjoying his works for over 20 years now.
Living in Sweden that is a bit tricky though but I hope to make it to some US comic convention sometime.


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