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Ronny Hansen groop1 at groo.org
Wed Jul 9 11:23:36 PDT 2008

Hi Magnus,

Good to hear you're still out there.

A number of us have been trying to keep the wiki clean, but without Josh 
installing some kind of spam protection to the site, I guess it's a lost battle.

Ronny Hansen

> Hi!
> I've been on this list for ages but been very silent the last couple of
> years. I just thought I'd write and ask that the Groo-wiki should be
> deleted since it's just full of spam anyway (typically Grooish to sink
> one of the Internet technologies as well though).
> I'd also like to say that I reviewed my own old Internet sins and found
> the Groo page I'm hosting in a bad state as well and have just changed
> the layout and basic code (but the content is the same). You can find it
> at http://www.fireflake.com/groo
> Also I I'd like to say hi to all the old people I still recognize on
> this list (and some who might recognize me?).
> In totally unrelated news I recently made a blog and listed the things I
> want to do in life and one of the items on my list is to meet Sergio
> Aragonés since I've been enjoying his works for over 20 years now.
> Living in Sweden that is a bit tricky though but I hope to make it to
> some US comic convention sometime.
> /Magnus
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