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For 39 years, Comic-Con has produced a Souvenir Book that commemorates  the 
event. Over the past few years this book has grown to be a 160-page wonder,  
chockfull of articles, art, special guests' biographies, and more.
Each year, Comic-Con solicits articles and artwork from professionals  and 
fans alike, based on the anniversaries and themes we're celebrating (see the  
list below). 
• 75th Anniversary of the American Comic Book
• 75th Anniversary of Doc Savage
• 75th Anniversary of the original King Kong
• 50th Anniversary of Famous Monsters of Filmland!
• 50th Anniversary of the Legion of Super-Heroes
• 25th Anniversary of American Flagg!
Something's missing from this list....The Mighty Magnor 15th  Anniversary!!!  
What gives???   No love for the Magnor ???
or Boogeyman's 10th Anniversary.....Rufferto's  21st Anniversary....Groo's 10 
Years at  Dark Horse Comics (despite that 5 year drought from 2002  to 
2007...) heehee

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