[Groop] ALOT of art on my blog lately

jason nuttall jasonnuttall at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 19 06:55:46 PDT 2008

Hello Redheads, Groopers, Sam~Landers, and other silly suckers out there!!
I have been on a mad posting rage lately, and continue to do so.  I've done some new artwork, brought out some old artwork and still ranting about this 'n' that.  Within a day or so I'm going to start on a story about the man who keeps me drawing, two of the men behind the book that taught me how to read and also the definition of "mulch", and some other stories.
Please post comments on any of the posts on my blog, for I have convinced myself that NOBODY is reading it or subscribed to it.  
And there seems to be links to artsy-type sites. Feel free to click. I've found some interesting deals on them.
There IS no substitute for RED, or cheese dip, 
Jason Nuttall

Check me out!
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