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Once you've dug up all of the ants and pour it with concrete, you'll have an Olympic sized swimming pool just in time for the Olympics!  Get diggin'!  Then lappin'!  You can do it!  There should be a fray category in the Olympics.  Groo would win every time of course and all of his opponents would be dead, so they would not be able to return the next time, but it would be cool!  What other categories would Groo win?  Cheese dip eating, dragon slaying, ship destroying, mendicant bashing...

Eli Stamp the Wanderer
The only thing to fear, is Groo himself!

Original singular message below:

Hi Folks!

Well, after seeming to be on a downhill slide, the ants have made a big
comeback. Everytime I think I've found the border of the colony, I
discover frenzied ant activity deeper into the brush. The hauling away
of 4-barrels full of ant hill, plus giving them huge doses of ammonia,
sugared borax, and even the grits (!) did not kill them or kill them
all, and obviously didn't kill the queen, who must be tucked away in
some hidden chamber along with a bazillion larve.

Determined not to use commercial poison, there is only on thing left to
do. I must employ the Groo Method. No, no, not attack them with
swords. No, I mean I must go on an unfettered rampage of wanton death
and destruction wholely out of proportion to the perceived problem.
This weekend I will take my trusty maddox and shovel (better than swords
for the task at hand) and chop and dig and dig and chop and haul away or
destroy every last little section and chamber of the ant colony. I
don't care if I end up with a 15 foot wide, 4 foot deep crater; the ants
must die! Then maybe just for fun, I'll seal it off with some old bags
of concrete I've had lying around for years. Ha! That'll show 'em. So
that's it. This weekend. It's me or the ants!! (So if you don't hear
from me, you'll know happenned.)

Take care,

Gary G. 


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