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Stick with independent refineries, if you can. Avoid ExxonMobile, ChevronTexaco, ConnocoPhillips, BP, and Shell (Royal Dutch).

Tesoro, Valero & Sinclair are examples of independents. Membership outlets such as Albertsons, Costco and WalMart have been selling independently refined oil as well. The more people that buy from them, the greater the chance of a price war.


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Mark,Thank you for giving us some perspective.  :)

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$3.71 !!!!!!


Think yourselves lucky…


In England at the moment we are paying
the equivalent of about $8.00


Last time I filled my car up (Chrysler
Minivan)  it cost me equivalent of $155.00




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Hi Gene P


Dark Horse Comics web site states that Hell on Earth #4 will be
published on April 2nd. Keep your fingers crossed. 


Wow! you are only paying $3.25 per gallon?! Here in San Luis Obispo, California,
the cheap gas at Costco is at $3.71 per gallon. Send me some of yours :)


Have fun,


Shawn (the girl :)


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Does anyone have a clue when the 4th issue of HoE will come
out?  At $3.25 per gallon for gas, I can't afford too many more trips to
my nearest comic book store.


The Washington Post, Book World had a great feature (cover)
article and review of Mark's book, King of Comics, last Sunday.


Gene P


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