[Groop] Groo CGI (was "Brain Damage")

MacQuarrie at Earthlink macquarrie at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 31 12:24:26 PDT 2008

> Groo-movie-wise, anything that doesn't follow the herd with CGI would be
> the coolest. Much as I like Ice Age, Toy Story, Madagascar, etc, etc, I
> thought the best and funniest animation I've seen recently was the woolen
> HHGTTG scene. Groo is sufficiently niche to do this very well, methinks.

I'm not sold on the idea of a muppet groo, as much as I love the muppets,
they can't really do action scenes all that well, and part of their charm is
the fact that they're supposed to be puppets. Groo is supposed to be a

The problem with most CGI is the over-rendering. IT doesn't have to be that
way; everythign doesn't have to be photorealistic. I think some of the work
in the new Horton movie looks great. Groo could work in CGI if they can
mange to not make him look like a plastic toy, and make him move believably,
not like the marionette-look everybody in Shrek had.

On the whole, I think either CGI (done right) or 2d traditional animation is
the way to go. Live-action could end up like Brendan Frasier's "George of
the Jungle." Cartoons in live action just don't work. 

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