[Groop] Mid-Ohio Con

CharlesK at mchsi.com CharlesK at mchsi.com
Mon Oct 6 07:50:59 PDT 2008

I just attended the second day of the Midwest Comic Book Association Fallcon <http://www.mncba.com/> and it was a lot bigger than previous years.  It's always been held at the state fairgrounds, but normally in a smaller building.  This year they expanded to the grandstand (the area below it) and what used to take me about an hour to browse took twice as long.  Like the Ohio Con there were quite a few comic book vendors, no (video) media stars are ever present that I'm aware of just comic book artists.  I didn't notice if they kept all the big names together or it was just all around - I think the bigger names were around the edges and the "smaller" names were in the center.  I was happy to see Don Rosa there again as well as a few others that always make it to this event.  I didn't attend any of the few panels they had (including a Don Rosa panel), but it's still fun.  Oh, as far as food went as always there was only a burger/corn dog vendor outside the building.  If you're lookin
g for older comics or action figures (also bootleg videos, just not as obvious), this is one to attend.

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