[Groop] Oops!

Gary Grossmann grossfamm at comcast.net
Sat Oct 11 12:28:25 PDT 2008

Hi Folks!

That message was supposed to just go to Juan Carlos, but I was going to send 
a message to the Groop anyway.

First off, The Long Suffering Mrs. G. is coming along fine.  It has been 2 
1/2 months, but it was a very bad, multiple break, so there are no short 
cuts.  Her physical therapy is coming along and she is slowly getting back 
the stength and flexibility in her shoulder.

Second, a belated thank you for the various Con reports!  I LOVE Con 
reports!!!  How about some more?  Sergio told me that someone at the KC Con 
told him that he had the biggest Groo collection after me.  Gee, Chris, who 
could that have been?  Hmmm??   (That's Promethea Chris, not Glorko Chris or 
any of the other Chris's we have on the list.  Actually, I think we are all 
named Chris and we just go by other names to avois confusion.)

On that subject, the ever effusive Yodazone has unearthed all sorts of Groo 
appearances that I did not know exist and it is becoming apparent that I 
must soon embark on a world tour to track them down.  If you guys want to 
have a potentially fun/silly/completely pointless/dumb contest, we could see 
who has the most Groo things that I don't have.

And Yeah, I know there's been a Sketch Card (sigh) on ebay.  I don't want to 
talk about it.

So as not to end on a sucky note, Sergio is working on Groo vs. Conan.  No 
date, but I think it's really going to happen and while Mark knows best, my 
guess is maybe spring of 09.

We are going to Boston next week primarily to see my son (who lives entirely 
too far away!) but we are also hooking up with Geoge and John T. on Monday 
in Salem.  If anyone else is ion the neighborhood, let us know and we'll 
give you the details.

Take care all,

Gary G.

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> Hey Juan Carlos!
> Thank you so much for the heads up on Avengers #12!  I finally ordered it 
> today!
> Between my wife's injury and working two jobs and all sorts of craziness, 
> I have not been very Groo-vy lately.  But I am determined that I will 
> change that and get back in the Groo-ve!!!!!
> I hope all is well with you!  Always remember that if there is anythuing I 
> can get you from the USA, just let me know!
> Take care mi amigo!
> Gary G.
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> Subject: [Groop] Aragones - Avengers Classic 12
>> Hi all,
>> "Avengers Classic # 12" includes a short story by Sergio Aragones. I 
>> don't
>> remember that any member of the groop has mentioned this.
>> Regards from Mexico
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