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Wow - what is going on over there at Dark Horse?Cover price for the new Groo TPB is $17.95?!?!
That's $5 more expensive than the last 4-part TPB "Death & Taxes".  With each of the four  individual issues costing $3, it is also $6 more expensive than the sum of those issues.
What the hell?  Really?  It costs THAT much more to compile and produce a single softcover book (of previously released material, no less) than it does four separate short-run comic books?
I have been a fan and constant reader and collector of Groo since 1985 - 5th grade. With each successive price increase I have sucked it up - more pages, less advertising, better quality stock... - but I find this to be completely unacceptable.  This works out to a 38.5% increase - that is not even in line with the rise in economic costs.  As it is primarily collectors who by TPBs, in other words, those who like me have been collecting Groo for a long time, jacking the price like this appears to me to take complete advantage of collector's loyalty.  It is complete BS.
Feeling very disgruntled about this and very interested to here others' takes on this, ~ Porter.

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  The new cover to the "Groo Hell on Earth" Trade is up at the Dark Horse site!   http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/15-047/Groo-Hell-on-Earth-TPB    

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