[Groop] Groop Digest, Vol 68, Issue 9

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Wed Oct 22 19:43:03 PDT 2008

Oh, don't get me wrong - I'll be buying one or two of them as well.   
How could I not? I am a dedicated Grooper afterall.  Which pretty much  
means that Dark Horse can increase the price to whatever they want and  
I will be forced to pay as going without really isn't much of an option.
Buuut... I am going to have to complain about it a little beforehand.
  ~ Porter.

On Oct 22, 2008, at 3:36 PM, Grossmann, Gary (DOR) wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> Price?  What price?  You mean you guys pay attention to the price?
> It's Groo!  It's got a way cool original wrap around cover! (can't  
> wait to see the other side)   It'll have some smart-ass text by  
> Mark!  It is, finally, a Groo trade paperback!!   If they sell well  
> enough, maybe DH will finally start up the alphabet Groo TPB's  
> again.  I'll buy two so I can look at the whole wrap around cover  
> art at once!
> Gary "Inflation be Damned" Grossmann
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> That is pretty expensive. Is that what they're charging for all  
> their graphic novel-y type stuff?
> I'll probably buy it anyway. I never could find a copy of #3 from  
> that series.
> I really hate trying to buy comics.. it's so friggin difficult.
> Everywhere I go they didn't order enough and they're gone by the  
> time I get there. I don't buy enough stuff regularly enough to have  
> a store hold what I want in a box for me.. plus I travel a good bit  
> and have to find comic shops wherever I'm at.  BOO, I say.. BOO.
> Chad
> Porter wrote:
> > Wow - what is going on over there at Dark Horse?
> > Cover price for the new Groo TPB is $17.95?!?!
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