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mark brownhome at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Oct 31 17:40:28 PDT 2008

I had to look up (Google) what Halloween was about, as one of my sons
friends asked me and I didn't really know.  Actually makes a bit more sense
now.   I guess its been embraced in the US far more than here in the UK.
although given the numbers of extremely small witches, goblins,
mini-draculas (and two very short stormtroopers) that I have seen tonight I
think we are fast catching up.


Had a bit of difficulty trying to explain to a five year old why he could
only talk to, and accept sweets from strangers when dressed as a skeleton.










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Just dropping a line wishing everybody a Happy Halloween!


What is everyone (& their offspring) dressing up as? 


Or are you going to be like me this year, turn off all the lights and sit
quietly in dark! 


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