[Groop] Happy Halloween / Day of the Dead / Fall Harvest Celabration

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Fri Oct 31 17:44:24 PDT 2008

... I'm going to be up to my earlobes in paperwork tonight at my job, since I stupidly let one of my coworkers beg me into taking his shift to handle the end-of-month stuff.

I must be slow of mind.


P.S.- What did I mean... ah, never mind.  Heh.

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Just dropping a line wishing everybody a Happy Halloween! 


What is everyone (& their offspring) dressing up as? 


Or are you going to be like me this year, turn off all the
lights and sit quietly in dark! 


John P. Torregrossa 

PO Box 28184 

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eBay ID: Groo 

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