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Hi Folks!

Thanks, Yoda.  I don't know how to do html stuff, so it's just a word document and whenever it gets transferred around things get a little out of alignhment, so to make it look the way it's supposed to you may have to play with the tabs in places.  The red letters-numbers on the right tell me where the darn things are (e.g. SB-1 =Small Box #1) 

If anyone has any questions about anythibng, just let me know.  Some of the Groo sightings are very obscure and some of the stuff on the very last section are just plain silly!

Take care all,

Gary G.  
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  The All-New 2009 Edition of "The Official Unofficial Groo List" by Gary G. is now posted on the Groo Forums!


  And check out the latest Rare Sketch Card pics in the "Groo Sketch Card Gallery" here:


  New Groopers are welcome to join the Groo forums!



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