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I believe that is issue #65, May, 1990 "The Garbage Issue."  (It's not too hard to find when every issue is on your wall. Although  it's probably just as easy to look up on the computer, having the comics on your wall is a lot more fun!)  And mark is clearly listed as "Mark Evanier, mulching consultant"

I've gotta start re-reading these...

Gary G.  

PS  Hey!  Who might be in Ojai on August 30th?  
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  Hey Groopers,

  I found a pdf from Sergio's neck of the woods a couple years old.

  It's funny that the article says that ME's name is Mark Wordsworth.  :P

  Also it seems like one of the Marvel issues of Groo was based on something going on near where he lived.

  You know the one.  The issue where groo got into trash disposal.




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