[Groop] Great Aragones Article in Stay Tooned! Magazine

Mike Slaubaugh slaubau at ipfw.edu
Fri Dec 4 19:41:36 PST 2009

<garyg at dor.wa.gov>For those interested, there is a great article on Sergio Aragones in Stay Tooned! (Issue 4, September 2009).  Sergio appears on the cover in an illustration by Tom Richmond of some of the MAD usual gang of idiots.  The article itself is 14 pages long and includes Groo related exhibits and photos of Sergio at the "2009 Jack Davis Lecture" as well as information about two things I didn't know:
1.  The Groo movie is "more than" just in the talking stage.
2.  Following the Groo/Conan crossover will be a Groo/Tarzan crossover.  
Mike S.

</garyg at dor.wa.gov>
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