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Nice. Not to be considered a human being? "Butt hurt" conservative? Reminds me of a typical mob out of a Groo ending, complete with pitchforks and stones.

Sorry to disappoint you folks, but I'm probably more of a pinko commie than anyone on this list. When this country falls into chaos (which it eventually will) and we have our Bastille Day, I'll be at the guillotine pulling the lever. Not the other way around. I'll be distributing wealth, not hoarding it. I'm not going to give a single thought to my comic book collection when the grid blacks out for good. 

As for Mark and Sergio, as I said before: I salute any and all political agendas in art. I stand behind the Groo crew if that's what they want to do. If you didn't get that in my posts, then try reading for comprehension.

That said, I'm not going to sit here and tell Mark that Groo is as great as ever when the opposite is true. If you want this to just be a list for people to make friends with the Groo Crew and score free swag at comic conventions, then feel free to delete me. Groo has become more important to me as a character as the years have passed, and that's who I connect with. I'm not interested in knowing Mark or Sergio. I'm interested in the meaning and relevance of GROO. 

No one is telling them what to write, or suggesting stories. The only thing being suggested is that they can do BETTER. The proof is in the back issues. 


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I hereby declare that the last Groo is the best ever. The fact that I have not yet read it is completely unimportant for this declaration.
The only people who don't like the new Groo are simply groodislikers, and therefore not to be considered as human beings.
As groopers we all have agreed to leave Mark and Sergio to think for ourselves, so I am really upset to see the minimum criticism against our Lords.
p.s: Please go on with the discussion, I love it; I just would like to know which side would Groo join :)  and looking forward to my copy of new Groo 1 to really take one side.
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