[Groop] Communism Kills

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Thu Dec 10 12:41:15 PST 2009

 And I thought living was the biggest cause of death.
"Miserum alveus de spuma et improbitas"

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> um, you should read up on your
> history—when it comes to causing untold
> death and misery, no system holds a candle to good ol'
> religion. still
> ruining lives and causing deaths in every single country
> every day!
> also please note that while i respect your right to have an
> opinion,
> if you actually think communism and socialism are the same
> thing, i
> can't respect your actual opinion as it is uninformed.
> mccarthy passed
> away in 1957, would that his attitudes had died with him.
> that said, i do agree that groo is awesome, ups and downs
> included. i
> too have liked some storylines more than others, but am
> always excited
> for new stuff to come out. groo brings us together!
> lia, not padding her end-of-the-year numbers, promise
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> wrote:
> > I am all in favor of people voicing their opinions and
> using art as a means of expression. The fact is tha
> communism is responsible for more death and misery than
> anything else in all of human history. Stalin and Mao alone
> have killed more people than anyone else. This is a fact. My
> opinion is that Groo is awesome and the issues released have
> always had there ups and downs. I will have my favorites and
> least favorites and always be happy that Groo has been with
> me since High School. This is my opinion.
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