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I'm not a fan of it.  Great idea if we could only do away with normal human
nature.  Kind of like world peace.  That's also a great idea.  Too bad it's
completely unrealistic.

That difference aside I agree with most of what Al had to say.  What
happened to all the imagination and fun with the old Groo?  (I'm from now on
referring to pre-DH Groos as "Classic Groo" and DH Groos as "New Groo")

I was talking to a friend about HoH #1 and gave him a run down.  "Groo
starts in a big battle killing everyone and gets underpaid.  So normal Groo
stuff.  Groo sinks a ship.  Normal Groo stuff.  Groo gets a job to earn
money for food and destroys stuff.  Normal Groo stuff.  Oh, and then the
twist for this series is the factory owners outsourcing labor and borrowing
money from banks.   So...well nothing all that interesting...again."  I mean
really?  It's like a story is being told and Groo is only thrown in there
for character recognition and given something to do just so he can be in
it.  But really he's not needed for the story much at all.  We can call it:
"Political Commentary Comic (Special Appearance by Groo in this episode!)"

Groo and Conan should be interesting since Sergio used to say that he would
NEVER do a crossover.  Well he said once that he would never have guns in
Groo as well.  But he's done that twice now so far.  What all my hopes are
really on is Friends and Foes if and when that comes out.  I think that has
a lot of potential.  If that series craps out I'm going to be frustrated as


P.S.  I would be thrilled to meet Sergio one day though.  It'll probably
never happen 'cause I don't live on either coast and don't plan on
traveling all that way with all that expense to stand in a sweaty crowd of
jostling strangers for hours just to do so.  Where I grew up a traffic jam
was when somebody's cows got out onto the road.  :P
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