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Dieter Opfer dieter at opfer.biz
Sat Dec 12 01:03:39 PST 2009

So did we win?

Dieter :)#

Mark Evanier wrote:
> First of all, THE GROO TREASURY has not gone to press.  It's not even 
> close to going to press at the moment.
> If and when it's close to happening, I'll announce it here and on my 
> blog.  Until then, assume it's far in the future.  I'm sorry about that 
> but that's the way it's going to be for a while.
> Regarding all this political stuff: I think some are reading too much 
> into a story we just thought would be funny...and which over-all, seems 
> to be getting even better reaction than we usually receive.  The thing 
> which may be driving some of the changes some of you perceive in GROO is 
> that when you do a four-issue mini-series, you need more of a story -- 
> and a more important story -- than when you do one standalone issue. You 
> can do one story about Groo just stopping people from crossing a 
> bridge.  For a four-issue arc that will be collected into one book, you 
> need to come up with something a bit deeper.
> That said, after we finish HOGS OF HORDER and GROO/CONAN, the next 
> planned project is the twelve-issue GROO: FRIENDS AND FOES, which may 
> have some continuity throughout but which will be more like twelve 
> standalone stories.
> In the meantime, I don't know why you're discussing Communism or 
> anything of the sort.  GROO is still a humor comic and we're still 
> trying to make people laugh.  If we don't succeed with you, okay.  That 
> happens.  Sometimes, it's tough to keep ahead of the news.
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