[Groop] Schmorgrooborg

elisiaone.iwon elisiaone at iwon.com
Mon Dec 14 17:33:42 PST 2009

Dougie, is that person on your card you or Sergio or Larry?  It's a great card either way.

In regards to Sergio being showcased in a comic, I think he should be in DC's SOLO series.

My comic shop owner only bought one copy of the Simpson's comic, so I have yet to see it, but I imagine it looks like early Simpson's when they were on the Ullman Show.  Groening and Sergio have a similar style.

See how I addressed 3 different topics in 1 e-mail Gary Padmann and Larry Paddar.  <=4th  Oh here's a 5th:

Hoppy Hollydaze!

Eli Stamp

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