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Mon Dec 14 21:23:23 PST 2009

I feel oddly honored, although generally I simply feel oddly. 
 -Larry "mrgrooism" Steller, GRANDMaster Mendicant 

From: Gary Grossmann <grossfamm at comcast.net>
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Subject: Re: [Groop] GROOOOOOOOOO!!!

Larry, Larry, Larry!
You are know in an very Elite groop of folks. 
You've been stabbed by Groo and survived.  Of course it was a very small 
Groo.  But how many people do you know who have been stabbed by any size 
cartoon character?  
What are we going to do with you?  (And people 
say I'm crazy!)  
I know, I think we have no alternative but 
Give you another promotion!  
Therefore, I hereby confer upon you the title of 
Grandmaster Mendicant!   
Wear your new rank proudly!  (And stay away 
from sharp objects!)
Gary G.    

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