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This is great news for me- I'm actually close enough to Calgary to get to the con!
Looking forwards to actually seeing you this time, Mark- the one year I managed to get down to San Diego, I caught Stan and Sergio, but somehow contrived to miss every single one of your panels >.<

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Hello, everyone.  Sorry I haven't posted for a while here. I somehow
misfigured my e-mail settings and for a few months, I didn't get the
messages posted here.  If you asked me something and I didn't respond to it,
please ask again.

A few announcements...

As you've probably heard, MAD is cutting back on publishing.  Sergio will
now have more time to work on GROO projects and he swears he'll get going on

Dark Horse will publish a GROO TREASURY (that may not be the final title)
around November of this year.  This will be a thick book in color reprinting
almost everything that was published before we went to Epic -- the Pacific
issues, the Eclipse special and a few other items.  In other words, it's
pretty much what was in THE GROO CHRONICLES.  There will be some new pages and a
new intro and a new cover and a few other goodies.  It'll be around 340
pages and while they haven't set the price yet, it'll probably be around
$30.  Don't publicize that yet.  Let's let Dark Horse announce it.

Sergio, Stan Sakai and I will be guests at the Wondercon in San Francisco
February 27-March 1.  There will be a GROO panel on Saturday at around 3 PM and
I'm hosting other panels throughout the three days.

Sergio and I will be guests at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo up in
Calgary on April 25-26.  Sergio hasn't been announced yet but he will  be.

The only other convention this year where you're likely to see more than
one GROO person will be the Comic-Con International in San Diego.  By the way,
there's a book coming out on the history of the con (this year is the 40th
one) and Sergio has done a giant crowd scene drawing for it.

I think that's everything for now.
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