[Groop] Magnus is Coming!

Magnus Lindgren magnus at netrosys.com
Sun Feb 8 07:24:36 PST 2009

Hi All!

Thanks for all the good advice on how to get to the Comic Con! I've now 
registered me and my wife for the full 4 day pass (if you travel all the 
way around the globe you might as well go for the largest ticket right? 
:)). Anyhow, about hotel.. I didn't find any links through the San Diego 
Comic Convention homepage, only a "coming soon" page. Anyone know any 
hotel or two that are at least in the vicinity of the convention that 
they could recommend? I haven't got the slightest clue which to pick. 
Rather not the cheapest ones but not to expensive either if possible.

I'm really looking forward to this and I've been telling myself every 
year that "this year I will go". Now this year I at least got around to 
get some tickets so I hope nothing else gets in the way!



Gary Grossmann wrote:
> Hey Magnus! 
> That will be so cool for you to come to the Con!  You will be the 
> furthest traveling Groopie since Greg came from New Zealand (or was it 
> Saudi Arabia?) 
> I must echo Katie's advice.  Get your "membership" (tickets) now!!!  
> And make your hotel reservation now too!  Maybe they don't have the 
> rip-off prices in place yet.  If they do, check the comic-con 
> international site for when they will start taking reservations at the 
> places they have reserved.  You have to have fast typing or dialing 
> fingers. They are gone in about 45 minutes.   
> Also, as Katie said, Sergio is easy to meet.  So is Stan.  Mark, you 
> pretty much have to meet on the go, but it can be done, especially if 
> you are a Groopie.  Unfortunately, Tom may or may not be there, 
> depending on if he can avoid the rip off hotel prices. 
> Oh, and at Quick Draw, there is usually a groop of seats roped off 
> near the front ostensibly reserved for the press or whoever, and we 
> Groopies can go sit there.  (Cuz Mark said we could) 
> As for Groop Gathering, we have arranged for a couple of nice ones in 
> the past, but sometimes they don't work out, mostly because there is 
> so much to do and most folks have a wide variety of things they want 
> to see and do, so it's hard to get everyone together at one time.  But 
> our best bet is probably lunch at the Crab Shack (actual name?) behind 
> the convention hall. 
> Anywho, hopefully we can arrange something.   
> Take care,
> Gary G.
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> From: Bodhikt at aol.com
> Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 11:17:07 -0500
> To: magnus at netrosys.com; groop at groo.com
> Subject: Re: [Groop] Groo Fest 2009
> >>I read something about a "preview night", is it worth attending (if 
> you can get tickets)? <<
>     It's a madhouse, and only the dealer "room" is open (they may have
>     some sort of programming this year), but it comes "free" with a
>     full membership. No separate tickets, except "comp" ones.
>     >>Also would the Groop have any get togheter there? Questions
>     questions! <<
>     That's sort of a #1 World Expert on All Things Grooish project--
>     ask Gary.
>     >>Now the final and for me most important question: how do I make
>     sure I meet Mark and Sergio there (attending the right panels and
>     such) ...?<<
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