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If you enjoyed Gaiman's work you will really like his Sandman series.  I've read watchmen about three times and love it more and more with each reading - my all time fav.  Another one you should try...Alan Moore's run at Swamp Thing - just awesome. You've peaked my curiosity about the Eternals....will be picking it up. Take care,Peter.

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I haven’t read a ‘graphic novel’ for a number of years but a friend recently recommended “The Eternals”  (Neil Gaiman and John Romita JR).  I thought the artwork looked pretty good, threw my sensible middle aged comic apathy to the wind and bought a copy.   This is the first comic (other than back-issues of Groo) I can remember buying in a loooooooooong time and was surprised to see a forward by ME. 
I’ve not long finished it - and found to my surprise that I really - REALLY enjoyed it – I had forgotten just how satisfying this format can be !  In a bit of a mad spree I unsealed my Elektra Assassin and Dark Knight Returns, some of my old 2000AD stuff and even attempted to understand Stray Toasters again.  Comics are back in my life and I have a hunger.
I have just bought Watchmen (somehow I never got around to this one and want to read it before the film spoils it) and was wondering, whilst I have re-gained some of my old excitement – what else is out there that should be on my essentials list?   
The new Windows Live Messenger. You don’t want to miss this.
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