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The 2009 Free Comic Book Day comic from Dark Horse Comics will be a Star Wars comic (again), but it will ALSO contain a Usagi Yojimbo back-up story by Groo Crew stalwart Stan Sakai.....

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Free comic book day has been going for several years now.  Its an attempt to encourage new and young people to start reading comics as the industry has declined since, well since Groo was new.  Coincidence?   Yeah,  just like all those comic companies that sunk after publishing Groo.  
Anyway, Dark Horse usually puts out a Star Wars title for FBCD.  Perhaps we through our voices can get Sergio and Mark to make a Groo one this year.  Hey its for literacy, these guys usually like good causes, right?   Should we start a petition?
Oh and if anyone wants some free Groo comics now, just write and ask for my list.  I've been trying to complete my collection in earnest for a couple years now and have acquired a few duplicates on the way.   I am still in need of 92, 113, and 118 primarily if anyone has some and a few other odds and ends.  
Be forewarned many of the duplicates I have acquired are not exactly in collectible condition, but are still good for reading copies.  If I get no takers from the Groop the good ones will go on Atomic Avenue and the readers will likely get cut up to make collages.  Of course if anyone wants to volunteer to host the Great Groo Comic Book Exchange that we never seemed to get off the ground, they will be spared the fury of my scissors.

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I wonder if the gang will put out a Groo book for this.  117 days until free comic(s)!
http://www.freecomicbookday.com/  (found this in a search engine, I am not affiliated with them)

OT:  With the luxury of too many darn email addresses, I setup this one to be for Groop emails only.  I have noticed this address getting a bunch of spam lately.  I guess its a compliment that spammers include "groo@" in their spamfest.  Yes I do see the irony of having a Groo email address and a fray of spam emails attacking my inbox.

-- Scott
(whoa, already 2 posts in 2009, I need to pace myself)

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