[Groop] Groo shirt on eBay

Tone Tone at cranksgiving.net
Fri Jan 30 21:18:52 PST 2009

            I saw an autographed/sketched XL Groo shirt on eBay and I
thought I would mention it to the Groop in case anyone might be looking
for one. It is only at $4.99 right now with no bids. The seller has a
100% positive feedback rating. I have no affiliation with the seller,
unless he or she happens to be in the Groop and I do not recognize their
eBay username. I just thought I would mention it. and bump up my post
count for the year since I did not get top count last year. Maybe I will
write shorter e-mails and spread them out from now on, rather than type
out novels as messages. :-)
Best wishes to everyone,
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