[Groop] Question for ME: jigsaw puzzles?

Steve Hubbell usagigoya at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 4 12:42:01 PST 2009

Sergio did a "MAD style" giant two-sided 18 X 24 inch puzzle (over 550 pieces) called "The World's Funniest Sports Puzzle" for the Underground Jigsaw Puzzle / International Polygonics, LTD back in 1980.

If you don't have it, you should try to find one because it is really neat.

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Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 13:34:40 -0700
Subject: [Groop] Question for ME: jigsaw puzzles?

Hi Mark,

Have you guys thought about making a jigsaw puzzle? I'm guessing you have (because it seems like you've thought about *everything*) but there's some reason it's impractical.

I'm working on a "Tooniverse" puzzle right now that's full of little people doing silly things and it occurred to me that a Groo fray/boat sinking/town destruction/whatever puzzle would be awesome!


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