[Groop] Question for ME: jigsaw puzzles?

Gary Grossmann grossfamm at comcast.net
Mon Mar 9 18:23:58 PDT 2009

Hi Folks!

I'm way behind on everything, so this will be the first in a number of basically pointless e-mails responding to stuff other people have written. 

The Sergio sports jigsaw puzzle is way cool, even if there is no Groo, so any of you jigsaw fans should try to find it.  It pops up on ebay once in a while.  

The subject of a Groo jigsaw puzzle came up years ago and I think the basic answer to why not is because the number you would have to produce to sell it at a decent price and the number that market analyst types would conclude would sell don't add up.  Or something like that.  If thye ever come out with a Groo Movie, maybe that analysis would chnage.  Is there a Hellboy jigsaw puzzle?  

Take care 

Gary G.   

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  Hi Mark,

  Have you guys thought about making a jigsaw puzzle? I'm guessing you have (because it seems like you've thought about *everything*) but there's some reason it's impractical.

  I'm working on a "Tooniverse" puzzle right now that's full of little people doing silly things and it occurred to me that a Groo fray/boat sinking/town destruction/whatever puzzle would be awesome!



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