[Groop] Groo Festival cover

Porter publicporter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 22:32:08 PDT 2009

"take a copy to a Con and have Sergio put the eyes in!"

Brilliant. I'm in.
I'm picturing a swarm of irate Groopers, pitchforks, torches and  
copies of Festival in hand, storming SA's table like Frankenstein's  
castle. The crowd is finally mollified though when SA arrives, pen in  
hand, and spends the the entire con appplying his vast drawing skills  
towards drawing two tiny dots on thousands of books. Unfortunately the  
entire Groop is arrested when Larry gets impatient and takes another  
swing at ME.
Can't wait.
  ~ P.

> Hey Porter!
> I don't think it's possible for there to be a "corrected" cover.   
> However, it might be fun to take a copy to a Con and have Sergio put  
> the eyes in!  In fact, I think I'll do that.  A number of us should  
> do it.  Then they will be really rare, like Honus wagner baseball  
> cards, and our grandkids can sell them for huge amounts of money in  
> 50 years to put their kids through collge!!!
> Thanks for the idea Porter!
> Gary G.
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