[Groop] New member here with a custom Groo figure

Alexander Durnan alexian.emperor at earthlink.net
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Yes very cool mini mate. I also remember the Play Mobil Groo.  I also remember Tone's felt Groo & Rufferto,  all very creative.  
Note to Tone: buy your wife a thimble (or a few)
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              Very nice work. I know there was someone out there who made a Play Mobil version of Groo along with Rufferto. That was pretty cool too. I think I have images of it somewhere buried on my computer's hard drive, but I do not recall the original web URL.

              My wife also made me a Groo and Rufferto figure using a technique called felting. Felting is basically where you take bunches of colored fibers, preferably wool/felt, and stab them into another bundle of fibers or a piece of fabric using a specialized needle with barbs down its length. The coarse fibers tangle into each other and become more and more dense, and you can shape them depending on how much you stab into them. It is a very tedious process, and my wife pricked herself numerous times. I posted links to the images of my wife's creation, which were on my old web server. Unfortunately, in January I switched to using a new domain name and server, so I have not had time to upload all my old files to it. L

              I assure you the felt Groo and Rufferto definitely look cool. Others in the Groop, who saw it, can probably vouch for it. However, something they can not offer sincere praise to yet is another felt Groo felt figure my wife has been working on, which no one has seen photos of. This time she is making The Minstrel for Groo to have a human companion. To embellish it a bit more than the previous figures, which were fully formed of felt, she actually is using small jingle bells on The Minstrel's jester hat. For those wondering what form she will be putting on the end of his musical instrument (I always forget what exactly it is supposed to be. a lute?), she is going to attach a bicycle. The bicycle was my request, which should not come to much surprise to those in the Groop, who somewhat know me. For those who do not. I live in York, PA and when Sergio attended the Baltimore Comic-Con last year I actually biked there and back. That was a total of about 114 miles, many of which I had to ride in the dark so I could be at the Con with enough time to see Sergio's panel's and stuff.


              Again, cool work Luke. Are all those custom minimates from that site your creations? Those are pretty nice. Are you into Halo 3? I noticed the Master Chief minimate. I am on Xbox Live under the gamer tag "Tone 8" if you are ever up for some play and see me on-line. Thanks for sharing.




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