[Groop] Subject: Re: New member here with a custom Groo figure

Tone Tone at cranksgiving.net
Wed Mar 25 14:30:14 PDT 2009

            Yep that is the image. Ironically I of course found the
image on my hard drive anyway. I also found the other Play Mobil Groo
image, which was set up to be a scene where Groo is about to lug a
PlayMobil sheep onto a cauldron hanging over a fire with a starry night
backdrop. I still have not established my download server, so I can not
upload it to post a link to it. However, I am not sure if posting it
would even be appropriate considering it was someone else's creation. It
is one thing for me to save on my computer locally for personal
sentimentality, but it is another to distribute it publicly. I will let
the Play Mobil Groo creator decide that. Porter, it wasn't you who made
the Play Mobil Groo, was it?
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