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Ryan Simmons ryan.gsimmons at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 14:51:57 PDT 2009

These are not the minimates you are looking for...

2009/3/25 elisiaone.iwon <elisiaone at iwon.com>

> Luke,
> I am your father.  You shall make 5 different Groo main character Minimates
> and send them to me.  That Groo is awesome!  M. E., make that appear in my
> local toy store or it can be a Groop exclusive!  Tone's wife has the sewing
> equivalent of your Minimate prowess.  He is online, although we've never
> played together.  I'm Dragonfish76 on XBOX Live and I've been playing Halo
> Wars recently, but I still play Halo 3.
> Jedi Mind Tricking,
> Darth Eli
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