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Tone wrote:


Does her "Long Suffering" include being repeatedly pricked to make a
little Groo for Gary?


No, but it does include:


Putting up with the walls of our large family room being covered with
over 160 Groo comics and numerous posters

Putting up with a bookcase in said room stuffed with Groo trade
paperbacks (in several languages) & publications with Groo appearances
and another bookcase displaying numerous articles of Groo merchandise
and paraphernalia.  

Putting up with a dozen of more boxes containing Groo stuff that won't
fit on the walls or in the bookcases.

Putting up with my obsessive and never ending search for Groo items

Putting up with side trips to comic shops when we are on vacation, and
knowing that when we finally decide we can afford to go to Europe, we
will have to spend part of the time looking for obscure Groo appearances
in old French and Spanish humor magazines.  


In other words, Putting up with me!!  


Take care all,


Gary G. 



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            Unfortunately for my wife a thimble would not help prevent
her from being pricked at all. The pricking occurs through the other
side of the felting material, not the finger(s) pushing the needle
through since most felting needles have a stubby end. You are supposed
to use a foam block under the felting material you are poking through.
However, after so many stabbings even the foam becomes "deflated", so
needles sometime poke through into your other hand or lap, etc. You are
not suppose to use a hard surface underneath because the needles are
delicate and can easily break.

            I guess my wife getting pricked is a risk she is willing to
take for our relationship. :-)

            I suppose who ever called Gary's wife the "Long Suffering
Mrs. G." might have to reconsider just how appropriate that is. Does her
"Long Suffering" include being repeatedly pricked to make a little Groo
for Gary?



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