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Did I tell after I left to head to hotel the other night. I got flat tire on
the turnpike. I didn't get back to the hotel until 2:30am. 


Also the pictures I took didn't come out very well. What a waste of $80.
Still I had a good. I was great to meet you.


I did search on SouthWest for a flight and hotel. It came up to $1,034, the
22nd to 27th.


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Check it out!  Overstreet Guides have gone digital:
Now we can watch our Groo books deflate in price like the DOWJONES!

I like the Mad About Groo photo better than the Play Mobil Groo.  I think
it's that those figures are more of a kid's toy:
That dog is all wrong too.  It's like Groo in opposite world, where he's
skinny and his dog's vicious looking.  

Any news on hotel rooms for the SDCC?  Save me a trip to Cali. and come to
FL M. E.!  It's been way too long!

Eli the Web Wanderer

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