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 Does the Bart Simpson comic contain a Groo Appearance?  I will probably get it either way.


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Hey Larry! 

(Who must be very happy because the Yankees are about the wrap up
their first world Series in almost 10 years)  (Boo
Hiss!  Would that it could have been put off for another 10 years!)  


Even though I haven’t the slightest idea what it is, unless
it will help me track down obscure Groo appearances, help me help Sergio sell
more copies of Groo and Groo Trade Paperbacks, or make all of my middle age
aches and pains go away, I’m afraid I am not going to check Google Wave
out.  No time!  


After all, I must spend an appropriate amount of time savoring the
new Groo and Bart Simpson #50 (All Sergio!!)  


Take care, 


Gary G. 


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