[Groop] The Hogs of Horder #1

John T comics230 at cox.net
Wed Nov 25 08:03:35 PST 2009

Several months ago, I dropped my comic book subscription. So after 1,560
plus weeks, I did not get any comics. Monday, I was near my last comic book
shop and stopped in to get the Hogs of Horder #1. 


And I was disappointed. 


Maybe it's me, but I miss the old Groo. It was always nice to have moral to
the story, but, if I want to be hit over the head with a political view,
I'll turn on FOX or MSNBC. When I read Groo, I want be entertained. Frankly,
with the last few series, I haven't been. It isn't like I don't agree with
most the messages presented in Groo. It is just this not what I want out of


Groo was, and always will be, important to me on many different levels. I
will always support Sergio & Mark. I just may not read Groo anymore. 


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