[Groop] Groopie & the Collateral Damage

Scott groo at knyght.net
Thu Oct 1 10:21:55 PDT 2009

The keys come off, its tricky to get them back on but it can be done.  Call the genius bar before going and ask them if they have any old keyboards in the back and can they just replace the key.  They will need to know your mac model (apple in the upper left --> about this mac) just to be sure.  If its just the key that is damaged and not part below the key (if you press the holy key and still get a C on screen, it works), then its simple and you should leave with your computer in 10 minutes.  If they dont have an old keyboard to rob a C key from, then perhaps a local apple repair shop would.  The apple store might be able to direct you to such a place.  You should be able to get this fixed with out being charged.

-- Scott

Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 6:43:12 PM, you wrote:

JH> In my professional life, I copy a lot of text out of online content  
JH> management systems and edit in it Pages before slapping it back in the  
JH> CMS. Amazing how many errors jump out at you when you change fonts.  
JH> Anyway, the cmd-C gets a real workout. Also, I frequently write about  
JH> my cat, Chakaal.  I just called Apple tech support. Obviously, this is  
JH> not something they can fix over the phone, so this weekend, after we  
JH> go see ME at Mid-Ohio Con, I get to go flummox the folks at the Genius  
JH> Bar at Easton, right around the corner from the good Mongolian place.  
JH> The phone guy had never heard of anyone physically wearing through a  
JH> key before. Wearing out a keyboard, yes, but not boring a hole through  
JH> a key cap.

JH> Janet

JH> On Sep 30, 2009, at 5:03 PM, Larry Steller wrote:

>> I would have thought the P (for Penguin) key would have gone first!

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>> My wife and fellow Groo fan, the Lovely and Talented Janet, has kept  
>> up her string of weird accidents.  Today, however, it was not to her  
>> person (thankfully).  She has created the greatest tech support  
>> problem one can possibly bestow onto a computer.

>> She is a professional writer and as such, lives on her Macbook Pro  
>> laptop.  She emailed me today asking me if our Applecare warranty  
>> covers keyboard damage.  I was a little curious.  When I got home,  
>> she showed me the "damage."  She actually wore a hole in the letter  
>> "C" on her keyboard!!

>> That's what she gets for -oveting so much -heesedip!  She'll have to  
>> -hange from -heese to -ookies.  Or maybe not.

>> Only a Groo follower could wear a hole in their keyboard.  I laughed  
>> my butt off when I saw that.

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