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Hey Porter!

You probably just didn't notice the little (b) for the footnote
reference on the line for the publication.  The footnote itself is way
at the bottom of the Other Original Appearances section.  I just put
them together for the e-mail.  

I don't know anything about the publication of #3 (after all, it didn't
have a Groo!) or the "foreign" nature of the reprint of #2.  I don't
remember where I got it, but it wasn't from overseas.  I'll see if there
is anything in the publication to shed light on that.

Gary G.

PS  This is one of those very (very!) rare situations where I actually
own the original art. It went for pretty cheap on ebay years ago,
probably because it is "just" a sketch and ebay wasn't so big time then.

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Weird, I checked the List but only saw the first printing of Shadow  
Star #2. Maybe I was looking at an older version of the list.

You are right though, it is Shadow Star Press, not Savage Star - too  
many names got my fingers confused.
But it is odd how that series was published: #1 Winter '85 (SSP); #2  
Nov '85 (SSP), #3 Dec '85 (SLG), #2 Foreign ?Jan '86? (SLG).

Happy hunting,
  ~ Porter.
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